Prairie Talks is a speaker series where people can hear from and talk with people who have had remarkable experiences. Adults and kids alike appreciate the stories, energy, and passion of the speakers.

The series is spearheaded by Kristi Rendahl, a native of North Dakota. But homesteading was done in community, and so is Prairie Talks. Many thanks to our very special speakers, donors, volunteers, and all those who attend the events. Were it not for all of them, along with the advisory council members listed below, Prairie Talks would be nothing but a nice idea.

Prairie Talks Advisory Council

  • Jennifer Levreault, Designer, VSA Partners
  • Deb Mack, CPA
  • Kate Proctor, Manager of Student Information, Noble Network of Charter Schools
  • Charles Repnow, writer, photographer, advertising
  • Jim Teigen, President, Pierce County Farmers Union
  • Lisa Volk, nurse, farmer, wife, executive of everything
Prairie Talks Board of Directors
  • Kristi Rendahl, founder, Prairie Talks
  • Catherine Bishop Jelsing, executive director, Prairie Village Museum
  • Danielle Mead Skjelver, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Maryland University College